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WinRemotePC for Windows is remote control/administration software. WinRemotePC offers industry leading performance and security. It allows you to quickly and easily access your server, home or office computer remotely anywhere. WinRemotePC Lite is a FREE remote desktop software package.

  • Easily work on a remote PC as on your local

  • With WinRemotePC, you can see the desktop of a remote machine and control it with your local mouse and keyboard, just like you would do it sitting in the front of that computer.
  • Excellent performance

  • Impressive remote desktop picture/video transfer speed. Optional WinRemotePC video driver capture mode and own technology save your time by providing the ultimate performance.
  • Extensible plug-in architecture

  • Our technology allows to extend the abilities of WinRemotePC by installing new plugins. The SDK to create plugins is available for registered users.

FREE WinRemotePC Lite is available now.
Download a free version now! It takes just a few seconds to download and install it on your PC.

Learn more... | Buy Now! | Download (Version 2009, winremotepc.exe, 3.7 MB)

Information about this download:
"Free Version" means the file we offer to install is a free version which does not contain any limitations to use it. The "Full Version" is a 30-day trial version. It allows you to test and evaluate this software product within up to 30 days. The purchase of a license required to get the fully-functional product. See the Purchase page for more information about buying a license, and read EULA (End-User License Agreement).
Installation and Uninstallation: is quite simple - just run (open) the downloaded installation file and follow the directions given in the screen. To uninstall the program, open the Control Panel from the Start menu, double click Add/Remove Programs, and double click on the program's name entry in the list of installed applications.
Special notices: no adware, no browser toolbars, no bundles, no browser or user's settings changes.
System requirements: Windows 2000 or higher, no any special requirements.


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