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Photo Editing & Saving Wizard for Photoshop is a product based on our Advanced JPEG Compressor. It is the perfect solution to perform:

Base photo editing tasks

Finish photo editing in Adobe Photoshop

Create quality JPEG files

A lot of compression and resizing options let you save JPEG images with any size you need, providing the maximum quality possible. Our advanced technology and JPEG encoding engine allow you to edit and save photos preserving their original picture quality. Using Photo Editing & Saving Wizard is the best way to get your pictures ready for printing, sharing or storing. You can easily do batch processing with multiple images.

Photo Editing & Saving Wizard supports uploading and saving images to free and easy to use photo hosting and photo sharing services. Photo Editing & Saving Wizard works as a standalone application as well as a Photoshop plug-in.

Download a free trial version now! It takes just a few seconds to download and install it on your PC.

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Information about this download:
"Free Trial" means the file we offer to install is a free trial version of the corresponding product. It allows you to test and evaluate this software product for free as long as you wish, but our EULA (End-User License Agreement) does not permit the use of the resulting files for non-registered users, so the trial version may place a watermark on the output and/or do not allow to save the resulting files (it depends on the context). Our free trial version lets you to completely evaluate all the functionality of our product and see the resulting files to test and evaluate their size, quality and other values. The purchase of a license required to get the fully working product. See the Purchase page for more information about buying a license.
Installation and Uninstallation: is quite simple - just run (open) the downloaded installation file and follow the directions given in the screen. To uninstall the program, open the Control Panel from the Start menu, double click Add/Remove Programs, and double click on the program's name entry in the list of installed applications.
Special notices: no adware, no browser toolbars, no bundles, no browser or user's settings changes.
System requirements: Windows 2000 or higher, no any special requirements.

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Advanced JPEG Compressor for Windows is the world's leading software for compressing digital images in JPEG (JPG), the most popular digital photo format. Advanced JPEG Compressor is a perfect solution for a variety of personal or business purposes: resize, compress, convert, edit and share your digital photos. Supports batch processing with profiles and online photo hosting/sharing services. Plus much more...

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WinSoftMagic Photo Editor is a special photo editor. The most important feature is the ability to edit photos preserving their original quality. WinSoftMagic Photo Editor contains our most advanced JPEG compression engine and technology designed to preserve the original picture quality. The real must-have utility for a digital camera user.

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Zip & Resize Photos for WinZip is a special photo compressor / resizer / editor. You can use it as a standalone application as well as an add-on to WinZip. Zip & Resize Photos specializes in compressing digital images because this special type of files cannot be well compressed by usual file compression utilities. Compress photos to any desired size and get JPEG or ZIP files.

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